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PDF Signer for Windows 


Concord Personal Edition is a best in class e-Signature software for personal and SOHO use. Using Concord.PE will help you to significantly reduce the amount of printed paper and paper-related tasks in your daily office works. 



1. Print   2. Review  3. Sign  4. Scan  5. Key  6. Store ….

7. Shared or file the paper copy  8. Retrieve  9. Delete.


WITH                                IT IS REDUCED TO


1. Review on screen 2. e-Sign 3. Retrieve


Your precious work time can now be used for more productive tasks as your overhead tasks are reduced to a minimum.


Concord.PE for Windows is highly friendly desktop application software, which will help you with your legally-binding business documents which are produced in your daily business processes or received from your business associates for the purpose of reviewing and signing.

Save any office document as a PDF file and then you can e-Sign it and secure it as an original copy for as long as you the relevant regulations require (the legal retention period).


WITH                                    YOU CAN

  • Generate your own Digital Certificates

      (standard PKI / Advanced Elec. Signature). 

  • Fill or annotate PDF documents using text annotations.

Trusted Document.jpg
Elec Signature_641958253.jpg
  • Acquire graphic objects which may be required to complete the document, such as: scanned ID card, Signer’s stamp image, etc.

  • Capture electronic handwritten signatures using a dedicated e-Sign device or a touch-screen.

  • Stamp the document with your personal or business stamps which you can store in Concord-PE stamps folder.

  • Digitally sign the document file using your self-created Digital Certificate (Advanced Elec. Signature) or select any other Digital Certificate which is available on the PC, including a Qualified Elec. Signature certificate which resides on a USB Token or a Smart-card connected to your PC.

Protected Files 321716069.jpg
Digital Transformation.jpg
  • The signed document is a secured / temper-proof Adobe Acrobat compatible PDF file, so it can be viewed by any PDF viewer which supports Adobe Digital Signature standard.

  • The signed document, unlike a scanned document, is a full-text searchable document, so when stored on your PC or Dropbox folders, you can search for it or in it with any keyword.

  • The documents can be singed using a Wacom signature pad or to be Read & Signed using a Wacom 10 inch Electronic- pen display, which enables your clients to sign with their handwritten signature in the same way as they would sign on paper document. 

System Requirements

  • PC: Windows 7 / 8.x / 10 / 11

  • Wacom signature pad (STU series) or even simple graphic pads (CTL series, Bamboo latest generation).

   Note! Pen display (DTU series) and other supported Wacom devices including the               tablet PC with built-in Wacom digitizer require PRO license.

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